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Mason Lacrosse Club - New Lacrosse Ball Regulation

Mason Lacrosse Club Parents – As you may have read in their most recent parent newsletter, US Lacrosse has ruled that only NOCSAE standard balls may be used for game play.  NOCSAE is the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, who commissions research in sports medicine & science and establishes standards for athletic equipment.

The lacrosse ball has become a focal point due to recent injuries (especially at boys HS level and higher) and subsequent findings that the weight, compression and size are not consistent across manufacturers.  Here is a link from US Lacrosse for more information:

We have been monitoring the latest developments and have purchased new compliant balls for both girls and boys.  To continue to create a safe environment for our players we have developed the following club policy that we will enforce throughout the season:

Mason Lacrosse Club – NOCSAE Ball Policy – Effective January 27, 2014
  • NOCSAE standard balls must be used for ALL games and scrimmages.  This includes both boys and girls and from 1st grade through 8th grade.  Program Coordinators will be given a supply of game balls before the season and will work with head coaches to be sure they are available for each game.  Referees will ask the home team before each game if their team is properly equipped and this will include the use of NOCSAE standard balls.  “NOCSAE” must be clearly stamped on the ball.
  • Additionally, both boys and girls Middle School programs are restricted to using NOCSAE balls for all practice activities.
While our insurance provider does not require the use of the NOCSAE balls at any level for practice, we are taking the added step of enforcing this for Middle School practice activities due to the higher passing speeds and shot speeds and the overall quickness of the game.

Coaches will discuss this policy at future practices and please share this with your player(s) as well. 

Thank you for support.

Mason Lacrosse Club