Mandatory Equipment*:

  • 1 Girls Lacrosse Stick (see staff for differences)
  • 1 Youth colored mouth guard
    • Helmet strap must be removed…nothing protruding the mouth
    • Must be colored. (not clear or white)
  • 1 Pair of cleat shoes
    • Rubber spikes only (typical for soccer, football and lacrosse)
    • NO METAL BASEBALL type of cleats
  • Approved Goggles (wire framed that meet ASTM F803-03 standard)

Click here: Complete and updated list of approved eyewear


*Players must have this mandatory equipment at a minimum to participate


Recommended Equipment:

  • 1~2 Additional mouth guards (they get dirty, chewed up and lost)
    • No one wants to borrow a used mouth guard
  • 1 pair of lacrosse gloves
    • Early season outdoor practice and games can be cold
  • 3 pack of lacrosse balls
    • girls are officially yellow in color but home balls can be any
    • make it fun and have your daughter choose
  • Mouth guard case
    • Plastic sandwich bag also works well
      • Mouth guard cases should be kept inside a zippered part of your equipment bag. Many times the mouth guard case will pop open and mouth guard is lost


Optional Equipment:

  • 1 Spare girls lacrosse stick
    • In case current stick is broken or in repair
    • Spare stick should be broken in and similar to current stick
  • 1 stick bag
    • most bags can hold all equipment and have room for practice pinny
    • A rolled up Hefty trash bag- just in case of rain


US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide


Miscellaneous Girls Information for the Season


  • Goalie Equipment is issued to the goalies by the club and returned at the end of the season. 
  • Goggles – plastic goggles are not recommended because they tend to fog over become scratched and dirty.
  • Gloves are recommended for the early part of our season. Purchase lacrosse or baseball batting gloves with a grip surface… gloves specific to lacrosse may have a thin layer of padding on the back.
    • A little trick to help keep heat in the gloves is to wear a pair of blue Nitrile surgical gloves under your lacrosse glove. Quite toasty!
    • Absolutely no knit, winter-type gloves!
  • Lacrosse Sticks: Purchase a women’s lacrosse stick by a good brand such as DeBeer, STX, Brine or Warrior.
    • The minimum stick length is set by rule
      • Overall length: 35½” min and 43¼” max
      • 1st~6th grade may shorten to arm length
      • Most sticks, when purchased are long. When the butt of the stick is placed in the player's armpit, the player's fingers should be close to the base of the stick head. If you are unsure, buy it too long. The coaches will cut them down at practice.
    • It is optional that all players have two sticks. Both should have the pocket “broken in” to play, but one will serve as a backup in the event of broken stringing or a broken shaft.
    • Sticks should have grip tape on them. Using trainers' tape, wrap the bottom 6”~8” of the stick. Place a second wrap on the stick about 6" down from the head. These mark the normal hand positions for the player. If you are unsure, the coaches will tape sticks at practices.
    • Pocket adjustment. Loosen the “Gripper” strings of the pocket at the bottom of the head. “Gripper” strings are the center strings running parallel to the shaft. A looser pocket helps keep control of the ball while catching and cradling. A legal lacrosse stick pocket is one where by the lacrosse ball just barely clears the top of the side stick side rail. If you are unsure, coaches can adjust pockets at practice.
    • When your stick gets muddy, rinse it off at home. Fill a bucket with warm water and dunk the stick a few times. Mud stiffens the pocket and makes it harder to control the ball.
  • Keep a spare mouth guard in your bag. This back up mouth guard should be molded to your teeth and ready to go.
  • Keep a roll of athletic tape in your stick bag
  • Roll up hefty trash bag with a rubber band and put it in your stick bag. Just in case of rain, it will keep your stuff nice and dry
  • Have extra lacrosse balls at home for practice

Where do I get my equipment?
Locally, purchase equipment at Dick's Sporting Goods, Velocity Lacrosse, Laxland, Celtic Lacrosse or Play It Again Sports. On-line equipment suppliers include:

Sticks Recommendations

Beginners & Intermediate Players

  • STX Crux, Crux 100
  • STX Exult 200
  • STX Ava
  • STX Level
  • STX Lilly
  • Brine Dynasty Rise
  • Brine Mantra 2 or Mantra Rise

Advanced Players

  • STX Exult 300 & 500
  • STX Crux 300, 500 & 600
  • Brine Amonte 2
  • Brine Dynasty Elite
  • Brine Mantra Elite
  • Under Armor Glory, Regime or Honor
  • Under Armor Regime
  • Under Armor

Message to New Players regarding equipment
In order to keep costs down, we suggest purchasing good used equipment for the beginning player.  Purchase your equipment a few months prior to actually needing it as most used equipment becomes no longer available as the season approaches.

Where can I get used equipment?

The “Equipment 4 Sale” tab feature on our website – Check back regularly as items are posted for sale and sold quickly. All transactions are between the buyer and seller. MLC shall not have any responsible interest in the transaction.

  • Velocity Lacrosse sells used equipment on consignment.
  • Play It Again Sports - There are several locations in the vicinity.  Click: Play It Again Locations

Lacrosse Season:  

In general, the official lacrosse league season starts in February and lasts throughout May.  Practices are based on field availability and coach’s availability.  Practice and game schedules are not known or released until February. 

  • Youth Girls (grades K-2)- Instructional typically meet 1 time per week for practice with adult coaches and additional instruction by the Mason HS Girls Varsity players. Coaches strive to balance fun, instruction and game situations for the girls. Games and tournaments are dependent outside programs availability.
  • Youth Girls (grades 3-6) - Practices are typically 2-3 times per week at the Youth level with all Youth Girls games generally played on Saturday mornings.
  • Middle School Girls (grades 7-8)– Practices and games are typically during the weekdays/nights. Practices are typically 2-3 times per week including Sunday afternoons.

Please note that at the coach’s discretion, individual teams may choose to participate in additional tournaments throughout the year, in-season and out. OPTIONAL indoor practices typically occur prior to February.  Additional lacrosse tournaments and optional indoor practices are not included in the Mason Lacrosse Club registration fees. (NOTE: Your coaching staff and MLC Board strives to keep tournament and optional indoor practice fees as low as possible. Most families find these events to be a very good value!)

Official Mason Lacrosse Club practices begin in February (both indoors & outdoors) with most league games commencing mid-March.  Youth Girls typically have a 10 game league schedule while Middle School Girls typically have a 15-20 game league schedule.


What do I wear?  

Dress for the weather!  It is COLD in February/March and we practice outdoors.  Dress in layers but not so you can’t move.  Occasionally, we can have a mud game. Parents…be prepared to take your child home covered in mud (keep a blanket and garbage bags in the car).

For games, players will wear uniforms consisting of jerseys & kilt type skorts. In the early games (cold & muddy), long sleeves or leggings can be worn.  If so, any visible clothing should be white, black, grey or Mason green.  Prints or patterns should be kept to a minimum. Crazy colored socks are always in style though!
As we progress deeper into the season the weather changes dramatically. Dress accordingly for the day’s weather and be prepared. Make sure you have an adequate amount of water at every practice & game to stay well hydrated.