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Mason Lacrosse Club Uniform

Beginning with the 2017 season, the Club adopted a specific uniform design to be used for the foreseeable future.  View the design.  After the season, players retain their uniform for the next season or exchange/sell the uniform with other MLC families.   All players, grades 3 through 8, are required to wear the uniform for games. Instructional league players in K through 2nd grade use their Club provided practice penny in games they may play. 


Uniform Ordering  

Players are NOT required to purchase a new jersey or short/kilt each season IF the uniform from the previous season still fits.  Families order uniforms from the Club and pay separately.  The costs of the Boys uniform is NOT included in the season’s initial registration fee. The uniform consists of a jersey and a pair of shorts for boys. View the sizing chart here.  It’s recommended that you attend a club fitting session to try-on the uniform (see Club calendar) and make any changes before the Club's bulk order is placed.

For players in grade 3 through 8, use the uniform registration process below to order and pay for your players Mason Lacrosse uniform. Log-in using the same family account that was used to register the player for the upcoming season.  Do not use another account and be careful that you don’t register a player a second time for the upcoming season.  Review your account information, Submit, then complete the uniform questionnaire. After you have completed the order for a player, you will have the option to complete a uniform registration for another player before paying online with a credit card.  You must pay in full by credit card when completing the orders or the orders will not be saved

The Club will place a bulk order with the manufacturer.  The Club expects to distribute new uniforms to the players in February.


Jersey numbers

Jersey numbers are assigned based on high school graduation year.  Players that will graduate in an even number year will be assigned an even numbered jersey, while players graduating in an odd number year will be assigned an odd numbered jersey. Before acquiring another jersey, please read the Club policy.


Begin uniform registration and order on-line here.